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James Cordier

From modest beginnings as a child speculator on silver, James Cordier embarked on a journey that would redefine the contours of commodity trading. Early signs of his remarkable aptitude emerged when he delved into the world of investment at merely 12 years old.

By 21, he was already a licensed commodity broker, illustrating an accelerated trajectory in the financial realm. With an insatiable curiosity, James harnessed technical trading strategies, setting himself apart from his contemporaries. As James’ expertise grew, so did his vision. James wasn’t just a strategist; he was an educator. His book, “The Complete Guide to Option Selling,” demystified complex trading concepts, making them accessible to traders at all levels.

Today, with the resurgence of The Cordier Commodity Report, James offers seasoned insights to an ever-evolving market, ensuring his indelible mark on the world of commodity trading remains vivid, relevant, and influential.

James Cordier Reflections of an Option Seller

Reflections Of An Option Seller

The Rise, Fall, and Return Of A Commodity Market Maverick

From his humble beginnings in a small Wisconsin town to his rise as a prominent portfolio manager, Cordier’s story is one of resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of mastering the art of commodity trading.

Through his engaging storytelling and unique perspective, Cordier illuminates the complexities of commodity futures and options markets, providing a rare glimpse into the mind of a true market maverick. With a focus on adaptability and perseverance, he shares the valuable lessons learned from his experiences and how he is applying them to tackle the ever-changing landscape of today’s markets.

Reflections of an Option Seller is a must-read for anyone seeking an inside look at the world of commodity trading, as well as those searching for inspiration to overcome obstacles and achieve success in their own endeavors.

The Complete Guide
to Option Selling

Third Edition

In today’s dynamic and frantic investment landscape, “The Complete Guide to Option Selling” emerges as a beacon of clarity. The old buy-and-hold approach, now cheekily termed “buy-and-hope,” feels archaic amidst geopolitical turmoil and erratic interest rates.

This comprehensive guide pivots the reader from mere speculation to informed strategy. It demystifies the fundamentals of option selling, revealing why it’s lucrative and who thrives in it. Insightful sections delve into risk management, strategic option selection, and the nuance of seasonal market trends. Dispensing the need for convoluted algorithms, this book champions a blend of knowledge and pragmatism. It’s an essential tome for any aspiring option seller.

“A must read.. Not only does this book begin with the basics, but it moves well into the more sophisticated facets of the strategy, including the comparisons of option selling strategies to speculative strategies.”

– Lawrence McMillan, best-selling author of “Options as a Strategic Investment” and editor of “The Option Strategist Newsletter” and “Daily Volume Alerts”

Cordier Commodity Report

Premier Insights Into Commodities Market Trends

The Cordier Commodity Report (CCR), founded by James Cordier, stands as an unmatched reservoir of commodity market insights, catering especially to CTAs, hedge funds, and proprietary traders. Born from the minds of seasoned futures traders, portfolio managers, and industry experts, CCR dives deep into commodities like crude oil, gold, and soybeans, presenting comprehensive analysis rooted in traditional fundamentals and long-term forecasts.

Cordier, boasting 35 years in global futures markets and authorship of esteemed publications, has navigated the market’s ebbs and flows, enhancing his perspective along the way. Now, through CCR, he seeks to enrich the financial landscape by equipping professionals with unparalleled research, emphasizing the interconnectedness of commodities, and predicting future trends.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

- Benjamin Franklin

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

- Benjamin Franklin

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