James Cordier

The James Cordier Update: Upcoming Book and Podcast

New and Exciting Perspectives on Traditional Investment Strategies In the dynamic world of finance, James Cordier presents thrilling updates for traders and enthusiasts alike. With an insightful podcast offering invaluable trading advice and an eagerly awaited book scheduled for early 2024, James invites you on a profound journey. The podcast promises a deep dive

The James Cordier Update: Upcoming Book and Podcast2023-12-27T21:39:37-06:00

OptionSellers – What Really Happened?

Pulling Back the Veil on an Often Misunderstood Situation In the annals of financial history, the OptionSellers debacle stands as a cautionary tale, leaving many to ponder: What really happened? Delving into the intricate details unveils a narrative that goes beyond the surface, exploring the circumstances and decisions that led to a seismic event

OptionSellers – What Really Happened?2024-01-05T17:24:19-06:00